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Join ISTE’s Storytelling Corps…

ISTE’s Storytelling Corps for NECC 2009 Celebrate Being the First Generation of History Makers with Education Technology A Storytelling Prompt Come One! Come ALL! Share a defining moment when you knew that a technology tool or an experience when using technology made a real and significant difference for kids! And that’s a story that needs […]

Getting Itchy?

Time to Scratch!  I was at the MIT Media Lab all day today for a double dose of Scratch training.  Facilitators were amazing and as our group of teachers dug in to this very robust program we laughed till we cried.  Here’s a perfect example of how the kids and teachers will receive it:  We […]

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Scratch IN Second Life! Hang on Tight!

What is Scratch for Second Life (S4SL)? S4SL is a new easy way to add behaviors and interactivity to your objects in Second Life. S4SL is based on Scratch, a graphical programming language that lets you construct programs by snapping together graphical blocks. With S4SL, you can snap together a few blocks to make your […]

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Because there is simply no way to cover all of the mind-boggling, heart-warming, brain exploding, sidesplitting comradeship that is NECC, I will feature some of the high points for me – and will, I’m sure, return to reference the event in many future postings. Let’s just say that the Conference Planner I had spent arduous […]

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Here Comes Everybody…

Here Comes Everybody…SECOND LIFE Educators discussing The Power of Organizing Without there at the tail end but loved the electricity in the air. Next: ISTE Discussion; If the Administrators Don’t Get it – It’s not going to happen… Chris Lehman pointed out that we need to teach our administrators how to manage us. We […]

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Need an Avatar? Free resources? Image Generators? Thank the Raving Redhead: Joyce Valenza

Thank you librarian extraordinaire, Joyce Valenza, for gathering this list. I was very lucky to have spent some laughter time with Joyce at NeCC!  Her energy is astounding.   For more great resources please visit Joyce’s website: AVATARS: Dream Avatar Creator Zwinky (Avatar generator–not for Macs!) Abi Portrait Avatar Maker ShrinkPicture Yahoo Avatars (must have […]

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