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Peggy Sheehy

sheehy.jpegAfter a twenty-five year career as a professional vocalist, Peggy Sheehy received a BS in Musical Performance and Education from Empire State University. She began teaching in 1997 at Mt. Sinai Elementary School in Mt. Sinai, New York and was also a district technology trainer. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Stony Brook University, she became an advocate for the authentic use of technology in education, and presented her ideas and experiences at conferences and workshops throughout the North East. She received the Technology Teacher of the Year for two consecutive years from ASSET, (Association of Suffolk County Supervisors for Educational Technology) where 1999 – 2001 she presented “Tomorrow’s Classroom Today”.

In 2001, Peggy moved to Greenville, SC where she taught at Stone Academy of Communication Arts. There she attended the University of South Carolina at Columbia to begin her MLIS. Ms. Sheehy is currently concluding her studies in the MLS program at Southern Connecticut State University. While in Greenville, she served as a district technology curriculum developer and teacher trainer and continued to facilitate workshops and give presentations on technology in education and 21st century literacy. Sheehy helped design Greenville County’s Technology Plan. In 2002 she was named Teacher of the Year at Stone Academy.

In 2003, she returned to the New York area and serves as ITF/ Media Specialist at Suffern Middle School. She is a fierce advocate for the meaningful infusion of technology in education and in 2006 established the first middle school educational presence in Teen Second Life: Ramapo Islands. Ramapo thrived as a hub for learning and  innovation in curricular design until the Teen Grid of Second Life closed in 2010.  Sheehy’s virtual world curriculum continues to serve as exemplar for others moving into the new 3D spaces.

Sheehy then turned her sights to a new genre of virtual world, the MMO–and collaborated with Lucas Gillispie to bring World of Warcraft into School.   After launching WoW in School as a  successful  after school program for at risk youth, Gillispie co-authored The Hero’s Journey Curriculum and their two middle schools hosted the course as an ELA elective within the academic day.  in 2013, twelve schools participate and the  project has expanded to include Guild Wars 2.

Peggy has presented her work at major education, technology  and gaming  conferences, and continues to share her vision and experience with teachers all over the world.
As a true pioneer in virtual world education, she is sought out for advice, curriculum direction and professional development.  Her vision encompasses a globally collaborative 3-D virtual world campus where learning is student-centered, product-based, playful, and creative.

She currently serves as Guild Master of The Cognitive Dissonance Educator Guild in World of Warcraft, and is a founding member and officer of G.A.M.E.

Peggy  is also exploring options for a seamless tool that will provide the non gamer teacher with access to using these powerful learning environments.

Ms. Sheehy believes that engaging, social learning and the authentic application of collaborative tools in education is paramount to preparing our students for success.

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